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We know it is just cutting grass, but we take pride in making your lawn look its best.


We work with you listening to your need and specific desires for your lawn. If there is an issue with our service please contact us so we can make a change! 

If trash or debris happens to blow into your lawn we will pick it up!  Our crews also know to shut all gates and to double check that they are shut before leaving.  We don’t just edge your concrete borders, we edge your defined landscape bed edges too.

We work hard to keep grass clippings out of your mulch beds and all clippings will be blown off your paved surfaces before we are complete.  

“We don’t just mow your lawn we care for your property.”

-Josh Ballman | Owner of Yard Designs, LLC

Debris Removed 1st
Double Check For Shut Gate!

Josh and his crew have taken great care of our properties for multiple years now. Honest, dependable and responsive. If you have a question, you will get an answer. Give Yard Designs a chance. You will not regret it!

Mark Oliver | Investment Property Owner in NKY

Here are a couple pictures of lawns we currently mow:

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