Water Features

Take your landscape to the next level with fountain

Add Subtle Movement & Sound to Your Landscape

The Missing Piece

A fountain could be just what your landscape is missing.  Contact us to discuss the best options for your unique landscape.

Treat Yourself

Or, better yet, treat your spouse!  If your partner is in love with your landscape now, imagine how they would feel with a new water feature to enjoy.
A professionally installed water feature may be just what your landscape is missing.  We have the knowledge and experience to create the look and feel you envision in your mind and can stay within budget.

You may have picked up on the fact that we are huge plant fans!  But, the addition of a water feature offer amenities plants simply can’t provide.

The ambiance created by the water’s movement and the sound it makes can be just what the doctor ordered as you relax and enjoy your home after a long, hard day’s work.

Water Fountains
Miniature Waterfalls
Small Streams
Dry Creeks
“We have worked with Josh and Yard Designs for over 6 years, and have absolutely loved everything he’s done! You can get better service and quality work anywhere else in NKY!

Amy Edwards | Lawn Care & Landscaping Client in Florence, KY

Examples Of Past Water Feature Projects

Kenton County KY Water Feature Designer
Rock Water Feature NKY Landscape Design

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